Stay With Me

Quick Overview:
When her sister kills herself, sixteen-old Leila goes looking for a reason and, instead, discovers great love, her family's true history, and what her own place in it is.

Thoughts On Book:
This is a book that people can relate to. The book talks about coping and understand the sudden death of a loved one. It mainly focused for women/female teens and losing a loved one and having to find answers to questions you are left with. You can relate to the characters and the fact that you could relate to the characters helps to get you interested in the book. The struggle that the main character Leila went through was a very realistic situation that had you relate with the character. Leila if left with many questions after the sudden suicide of one of her sisters and the passage of discovering the truth behind the mystery is an interesting one and once you start reading you don¿t want to put the book down. I like this book because it is a book that helps you reflect and it puts you in another persons situation that will in the long run help you understand people better. People who are into real life situations and for young adults and maybe even adults would like the book and I recommend that people read this book because it will open your eyes to a different situation and it will help you reflect on your own life.

Garret Freymann-Weyr

Garret Freymann-Weyr was born in New York City, and went to college at UNC Chapel Hill and NYU.  Her first novel, "Pretty Girls" is (mercifully) out of print; unfortunately, so is her best Young Adult novel, "The Kings Are Already Here".  She has written for children, teenagers, and adults.