Play Me

Quick Overview: 
Eddy knows how to play the game of love. He has all the tricks down cold, and his favorite girls are the ones with cherry lipstick and long legs in fishnets. They know he doesn’t make any promises. But as graduation looms, the game begins to shift for Eddy.
He never expected unattainable and perfect Lucinda Dulko to walk into his life. For the first time ever, Eddy’s not in control. To be with Lucinda, he has to play on her terms. But what happens to a player when the rules suddenly change? Will Eddy find a way to win it all? Or will he get played?

Thoughts On Book:
You quickly become engrossed in the story because of its believability. You get a great understanding of Eddy and his friends. I love Eddy's sarcasm and how he and his friends talk about movies. You really feel like you're in the conversation. Laura Ruby writes from a male perspective just as well as she writes from a female one. Eddy is the perfect male protagonist. The book has a great plot and great characters, and is a book that you will instantly become connected with and be entertained by to the very end!

Laura Ruby

Laura Ruby lives in Chicago with her family. She spent much of her misguided youth writing angry, angsty poems and dyeing her hair lots of colors not found in nature. She is the author of Good Girls and Play Me as well as several other books for children and adults.