Dairy Queen

Quick Overview:
A farmgirl who loves football a football playing farmer who loves the Food Network a mother who loves her career a nerd who loves cheerleading and an all-star athlete who loves dentistry D.J. describes them all in her modest, funny, and honest voice. D.J. Schwenk, a 16-year-old living on her family s farm in Wisconsin, comes from a family of football stars. Football is so important in her family that even the cows are named after famous football players. The Schwenks may excel in football but they definitely don t excel in communication. D.J. recognizes that her family does not discuss important issues and decides she must search for the strength to look for greener pastures in her own life. When she finds the courage to do what really makes her happy, she discovers passions in the people she loves and learns to appreciate each more fully.

 Thoughts On Book:
A fantastic book with quite an unusual outcome! It's a book that you could call a shocker because just when you think you figured it out, the story changes and runs in a new direction. This is not another teenage love story, and is recommended for girls who are sports enthusiasts!

Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Catherine Murdock grew up on a small farm in Connecticut, where she wisely avoided all sports involving hand-eye coordination. She now lives in suburban Philadelphia with her husband, two brilliant unicycling children, several cats, and a one-acre yard that she is slowly transforming into a wee but flourishing ecosystem. She is the author of several books, including the popular Dairy Queen series starring lovable heroine D. J. Schwenk, the fantasy novel Princess Ben, and Front and Center.

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