Boy Proof

Quick Overview:
Feeling alienated from everyone around her, high school senior and cinephile Victoria Denton hides behind the identity of a favorite movie character until an interesting new boy arrives at school and helps her realize that there is more to life than just the movies.

Thoughts On Book:
The author has written a thoughtful story about the sensitive time in every young adult's life - self-discovery. Written in first person, this novel launches you into Egg's world and leaves you feeling as though you are experiencing life through her eyes. The reader will sympathize with the ups and downs of the typical teenage angst that Victoria goes through in order to, once and for all, decide what it really takes for her to be happy. It is a compelling story that takes you on a journey.

Cecil Castellucci

Cecil Castellucci grew up in New York City. She is a writer, a filmmaker, an actress, and a singer-songwriter, and engages in many other creative pursuits. She is also an avid science fiction fan: as a testament to her devotion, she lived for six weeks on Hollywood Boulevard, waiting for the opening of STAR WARS: EPISODE ONE. "Sci-fi fandom is always given such a bad rap," she says. "I'm a card-carrying geek and proud of it." Currently, Cecil Castellucci lives in Los Angeles, in the "belly of the beast" known as Hollywood. This is her first book with Candlewick Press.