Quick Overview:
Thirteen-year-old J.D. loses her memory and is haunted by dark visions, showing her that she is in grave danger and must find a way to understand her past although there is no one she can trust.

Thoughts On The Book:
I thought it was really cool! It was thrilling, mysterious, addictive, and almost creepy at times. Just excellent.
What was cool, was that J.D. has no idea who she is, no memories of her past, so what’s going to happen is as much as a mystery to her as it is to you. You feel like you’re her,  trying to decide if you should trust this person, or if those nightmares were memories or just hallucinations.

Robin Wasserman

Robin Wasserman enjoys writing about high school — but wakes up every day grateful that she doesn't have to relive it. She recently abandoned the beaches and boulevards of Los Angeles for the chilly embrace of the East Coast, as all that sun and fun gave her too little to complain about. She now lives and writes in New York City, which she claims to love for its vibrant culture and intellectual life. In reality, she doesn't make it to museums nearly enough, and actually just loves the city for its pizza, its shopping, and the fact that at three A.M. you can always get anything you need — and you can get it delivered.

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